Barbieri electronic OHG
Via Ignaz Seidner, 35, 39042 Bressanone BZ, Italy

BARBIERI electronic is an internationally operating manufacturer and supplier of intelligent colour measurement systems which ensure the highest image quality for professional digital printing. Barbieri has specialized and offers unique solutions for large format, wide format, flatbed and industrial printing. Barbieri measuring devices have very special features developed right for these markets, which include automatic measurements of transparent media, large measuring aperture and process control. Thanks to this measurement results of highest accuracy can be obtained also on most different media. The Barbieri technical laboratory continuously discovers new features, characteristics and applications, which improve products and help customers to improve their performance. Barbieri’s aim is their customer to become top performer thanks to highest image quality.

Barbieri’s R&D department is integrated in the factory. This enables full access to the electronic and mechanical production department that is especially useful to build prototypes and organise experiments. The laboratory is equipped with tools and instruments for electronic hardware and firmware development. There are spectrophotometers from different manufactures available and calibration tiles for spectro-photometers.

Markus Barbieri, Expertise: R&D colour measurement systems, digital printing.