ESR10 – Donatela Saric

Donatela Saric

Country of Origin: Croatia
Host Institution: FOGRA


Donatela has a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in Graphic Technology from the University of Zagreb, Croatia. She was always interested in the field of image processing and color reproduction. She also worked on several research projects in the Department for Printing during her studies at the Faculty of Graphic Arts. In 2019 she was awarded with the Rectors award for her research paper “Efficiency of achromatic reproduction on black printing surface applying white UV LED inkjet color”.

Aspirations within projects:

Working at Fogra she wants to improve her knowledge and skills in print quality management. Practice would allow her to achieve the goal of creating a workflow to represent the characteristics of special materials and to exchange data for different printers used in the industry. In this way, the communication between printers with different technologies would be simplify.

ESR10: Representation of material appearance workflow

Main Supervisor:



  • Design a methodology to test current data workflows and material representations for different material reproduction applications.
  • Develop a common ground/space of material representations for printers.
  • Propose a workflow for the representation of distinct material aspects and data exchange.