ESR11 – Tanzima Habib

Tanzima Habib

Country of Origin: India
Host Institution: NTNU


Tanzima Habib is a final year master's student at NTNU. Currently, she is working as a colour science intern at HP Printing and Computing Solutions, SLU, Barcelona. In her current role she is a part of the writing systems group and is researching into predicting ICC profiles for various printmodes using machine learning. She has a diverse background in software engineering and geoinformatics, and her interest lies primarily in the domain of colour management and image processing.

Aspirations within projects:

Her research interest lie in the domain of image processing, colour reproduction and visual appearance. In this project she aspires to predict 2.5D appearance using a well tested colour reproduction framework as well to find out efficient processing techniques to handle high texture information related to non- planar media.

ESR11: Image Appearance reproduction workflow using 2.5D printing techniques

Main Supervisor:



  • Identify the requirements for a 2.5D colour reproduction system based on iccMAX colour management technology, and implement a framework.
  • Develop and evaluate advanced methods for predicting the appearance of 2.5D output media which integrate into projected colour management workflows.
  • Develop and implement forward and inverse channel mixing models using next-generation colour management technologies.
  • Determine optimum methods of data exchange and processing for spatially varying and non-planar media.