ESR12 – Marine Shao

Marine Shao

Country of Origin: France
Host Institution: UWE


Marine is an engineer from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon (one of France best engineering school). Before her Master of engineering, she did a two-year training at a preparatory class for French engineering schools. Furthermore, she also did an internship on wearable sensors at a laboratory from Keio University, Japan. She worked on two research projects on osteoporosis diagnosis and on prototyping of a sensitivity sensor. She also did an apprenticeship in the medical devices industry.

Aspirations within projects:

Marine is interested in designing a medical simulator for the training of senior surgeons. While there are a number of commercial organ simulators available, they tend to reproduce just the most common procedures and do not accurately replicate the properties and feel of human tissue.  Marine will be using fast prototyping techniques to produce a more realistic simulator. Her research interests lie in the domain off fast prototyping, material sciences and image processing.

ESR12: Realistic physical patient simulator for surgical training

Main Supervisor:



  • To work with Bristol Medical Simulation Centre (BMSC) and Stratasys to design, prototype and test a high-fidelity physical patient simulator for abdominal surgery.
  • To develop methods to create realistic 3D printed models that simulate the look and feel of human abdominal anatomy for use in simulated surgical training.
  • To apply appropriate qualitative and quantitative methods to evaluate the appearance and use of the physical simulator within surgical training scenarios, working in close collaboration with medical training specialists. The project will involve a unique creative combination of engineering and artistic (aesthetic) approaches facilitated through the involvement of experienced interdisciplinary research specialists in the project team.