ESR15 – Riccardo Tonello

Riccardo Tonello

Country of Origin: Italy
Host Institution: DTU


BSc in Aerospace Engineering in 2016 and MSc in Materials Engineering and Material Science in 2018 both at University of Padova, Italy. Riccardo carried out his master studies after a six period internship at EMPA (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology) where he worked at the Laboratory for High Performance Ceramics and on the thesis by following a paper “Fused deposition modelling of mullite structures from a preceramic polymer and <gamma> alumina”. Before diving into this fantastic adventure he was a Supply Chain consultant.

Aspirations within projects:

Riccardo wants to be an expert in 3D printing and his dream is to become an entrepreneur sooner or later in this field. The aim of the project is to create a continuous print method which outperforms the conventional layer-by-layer method by eliminating the discretization artefacts and he thinks this possibility can give me all the tools he needs and even more to reach his goals


ESR15: Practical applications of 3D-printing system for creating novel surfaces

Main Supervisor:



Combine knowledge of material reflectance, optics, and industrial post-print surface processing to develop a series of novel surface types for use in industrial and artistic applications.

  • Identify array of desired surface types, taking into consideration select desired industrial and/or artistic requirements.
  • Establish and characterize print and processing parameters that may be manipulated to arrive at the desired surface types.
  • Design system (model, algorithms) for modelling identified parameters to arrive at surface types in accordance with requirements.
  • Test system in selecting applications in collaboration with other ESRs (4, 5, 8, 11 and 14) to illustrate potential for increased design freedom-to-operate.

Tonello, R., Conradsen, K., Pedersen, D. B., and Frisvad, J. R. (2023) Surface roughness and grain size variation when 3D printing polyamide 11 parts using selective laser sinteringPolymers 15(13), Article 2967. July 2023. Doi: 10.3390/polym15132967

Tonello, R., Mollah, M. T., Weiss, K., Spangenberg, J., Strandlie, A., Pedersen, D. B., and Frisvad, J. R. (2023) Influence of the printing direction on the surface appearance in multi-material fused filament fabrication. In Proceedings of CAD/Graphics 2023. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer, August 2023. To appear.

Wang, L., Bigdeli, S. A., Christensen, A. N., Corredig, M., Tonello, R., Dahl, A. B., and Frisvad, J. R. (2023) Noninvasive material anisotropy estimation using oblique incidence reflectometry and machine learningOptical Materials Express 13(5), pp. 1457-1474. May 2023. Doi: 10.1364/OME.486542

Tonello, R., F. Abedini, D. Bue Pedersen, and J. Revall Frisvad (2022). Fast Impression Painting Using Multi-color Fused Deposition Modeling with a Diamond Hotend.

Tonello, R., A. Luongo, E. R. Eiriksson, D. B. Pedersen, A. Strandlie and J. R. Frisvad (2019): Use of greyscale voxel values in continuous DLP printing. Poster greyscale.