ESR2 – Altynay Karydova

Altynay Kadyrova

Country of Origin: Kazakhstan
Host Institution: NTNU


BSc: major in Information Systems, working experience in both industry and academia, and MSc in Colour Science

Aspirations within projects

Nowadays, it is becoming vital to model HVS workflow in many industries. Also, one of her research interests is human perception and with the help of this project she is motivated to do deeper research on HVS and its role in material reproduction. To create relevant IQM with HVS model and guidelines for subjective and objective quality assessment are the main outcomes of this project. Thus, she would like to contribute into the research field.

ESR2: Quality assessment for material appearance

Main Supervisor:



Develop more meaningful and useful image quality metrics that better estimate how good material appearance (2.5D printed images) serve as visual representations of the objects they depict.

  • Establish guidelines for subjective and objective evaluation of material reproduction.
  • Modelling the human visual system for material reproduction.
  • Estimating perceptual image quality by using objective image quality metrics based on the human visual system for material reproduction.

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Kadyrova, A., M. Pedersen, S. Westland (2022) What elevation makes 2.5D prints perceptually natural? Materials 15, no. 10: 3573. Doi: 10.3390/ma15103573

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Kadyrova, A., V. Kitanovski, M. Pedersen (2021): Quality assessment of 2.5D prints using 2D image quality metrics. Applied Sciencesvol. 11, no. 16, p. 7470, 2021.

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