ESR6 – Abigail Trujillo

Abigail Trujillo

Country of Origin: Mexico
Host Institution: UWE


Abigail holds a Bachelor and a Master’s degree in Physics by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) with a focus in optics and analytical sciences, and, she studied a diploma course in Art History. Her academic interests span from the colour science to the material history of art and visual human experience as an evolving process. She is interested, as well, in the novel and unexplored capabilities to render and understanding colour and visual surface properties. She has experience in performing optics experiments, spectroscopy techniques and spectra processing. She has analyzed archaeological ceramics in the lab and has worked in ceramics fabrication processes, including paste and glaze palettes testing, casting and 3D printing in the environment of a design studio.

Aspirations within projects:

By this project, she expects to support the development of an efficient and rich visual language for the years to come. She wants to be an active participant in the process of perfecting the flow of information from the physical world to the digital language, and the other way around. Thus, her aspiration is to learn and bring to practice all the necessary skills to become a specialist in the understanding and manipulation of appearance in 2.5 D and 3D surfaces.
Her aim is being capable to handle a quantitative characterization of the visual properties by optical and imaging techniques, as well as the planning and performance of high quality printing processes. She is eager to exploit both, her background in the physical sciences and the approaching to visual features that she acquired while stepping in the fields of art and design. It has always been on her aspiration to collaborate with all the people who are passionate on the same topics, and to be part of a real community that spans academy, industry and the visual arts. In consequence, I may expect to keep working within such international community and getting results after finishing my PhD studies.

ESR6: The development of vector based printing for 2.5D printing

Main Supervisor:



  • To gain improved understanding of the behaviour of inks and paints and to develop methodologies for deposition. The significance here is path (vector), medium (ceramic, pigment, paint) and tool (syringe, brush, print head) dependent. Each combination will yield different results.
  • Explore the material qualities and properties of pigments for the development of inkjet and direct write technologies and working with Mitsubishi industrial Robot RV-7F-D 6-axis and a Diamatix printhead cluster. Whilst current application and deposition methods are suitable for flat surfaces, there is significant potential for the application of pigments onto low relief, complex curves and side decorations of 3D artifacts.
  • Employ direct write methods whereby colours can be sprayed, jetted or painted onto 3D objects and relief surfaces, in a highly controlled way

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