ESR7 – Ruili He

Ruili He

Country of Origin: China
Host Institution: LEEDS


Ruili received her Bachelor and Master degrees specializing in Printing Engineering and Image Science and Engineering respectively from Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, China. Her research interests include color image reproduction, color appearance modelling, color vision and perception.

Aspirations within projects:

She is ready to work hard and make contributions for this project and looking forward to cooperating with others for the same goal. Hopefully, the research project could be finished successfully and applied to the industries. Moreover, she is eager to obtain more professional knowledge and enhance my research skills about the color 3D printing to make me become an expert in this field.

ESR7: Accurate colour reproduction of soft tissue facial prostheses using 3D printing technology

Main Supervisor:



  • Quantify factors affecting the appearance of facial skin under natural viewing conditions.
  • Reproduce accurate high-fidelity skin prosthetics using 3D printing.
  • Develop a perceptual skin appearance metric predicting the similarity between natural and manufactured skin in different lighting conditions.

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Liu, Zhen, Xiao, Kaida, Pointer, Michael R., He, Ruili, & Xie, Xuejun. (2021). Spectral Reconstruction Using an Iteratively Reweighted Regulated Model from Two Illumination Camera Responses. Sensors, 21(23), 7911.

He, R., X. Kaida, M. Pointer, Y. Bressler, Z. Liu and Y. Lu (2021) A novel camera colour characterisation model for the colour measurement of human skin. ociety for Imaging Science and TechnologyS. Electronic Imaging 2021, Color Imaging XXVI: Displaying, Processing, Hardcopy, and Applications. DOI:

He, R., K. Xiao, M. Pointer and S. Westland (2020): Assessing skin tone heterogeneity under various light sources. Society for Imaging Science and Technology, 2020, London Imaging Meeting 2020: Future Colour Imaging, pp. 5-9 (5). DOI: