Data sets

List of data sets

Payami Golhin, A. (2022). Durability in materials jetting: A long-term study.

He, R. (2022). Optimizing parametric factors in CIELAB and CIEDE2000 color-difference formulas for 3D printed spherical objects [Data set]. Zenodo.

Payami Golhin, A., A. S. Sole, A. Strandlie (2022). Color appearance in rotational material jetting. [Data set]. Zenodo.

Zhen liu, Kaida Xiao, Michael R. Pointer, Qiang Liu, Changjun Li, Ruili He, & Xunjun Xie. (2021). Spectral reconstruction using iteratively reweighted-regulated model from two illumination camera responses [Data set]. Zenodo.

He, R. (2021). Training and Testing Datasets for skin colour characterisation [Data set]. In Color Research and Application. Zenodo.

Kadyrova, A., V. Kitanovski, & M. Pedersen (2021): The Colourlab Image Dataset for 2.5D Quality Assessment [Data set]. Zenodo.

Zenodo Repository

The ApPEARS consortium has created an ApPEARS repository in Zenodo – a so called “community”. This is where you can find all publications and the associated data sets of ApPEARS. You can find the ApPEARS community in Zenodo here.