Scientific Workshops/Courses

Scientific Workshop/Courses

The aim of this course is to provide the students with advanced knowledge in colour imaging (and identify opportunities to extend state-of-the-art approaches from colour to appearance. Skills for ESRs – learn about image quality, psychometric experiments on image quality assessment and objective and subjective evaluations and procedures.

The aim of this course is to provide students with fundamental knowledge lectures on material science. Skills for ESR – learn about additive manufacturing process, material selection, advantages and limitations.

The aim of this course is to provide the students with advanced knowledge on human vision and enabling practical training in perception research. Skills for ESRs – the ESRs will learn about measuring perceptual thresholds and using psychophysics to unravel internal representations.
The scientific training through this course will equip ESR with skills and knowledge covering appearance capture by introducing various technologies to measure BRDFs or BSSRDFs proposed in the literature, data storage schemes as well as further processing of the data including perceptual aspects. Technologies built for this purpose at Fraunhofer IGD will be explained and demonstrated. The ESRs will learn about concepts to simulate material appearance on displays (BRDF models, ray tracing etc.), which is useful for visualization. Also, on the reproduction side, the ESRs will learn about spectral and appearance printing workflow (including ink limitation and spectral gamut mapping).

Practical workshops and lectures will be led by CNAM and will focus disseminating knowledge in:

  • Metrology and associated best practises (Dr. Schirmacher, PTB).
  • Hands on experience in calibration of monochromators in visible light range at CNAM (Dr. Obein, CNAM).
  • Hands on using colour measurement instruments, measurement standardization and interpretation of measurement results (Barbieri, BAEL).
  • A full-day programme at OCE (Creteil, Paris) incl. practical demonstrations and presentations on appearance printing using 2.5D and 3D printing
  • Seminar on the current state of the art on measurement and control of 2.5D and 3D printing (Dr. Ortiz, OCE).

The course will cover early 2.5D and 3D precedents and demonstrate benchmarks in what are the qualities in contemporary outputs. Invited speakers, tentatively Steve Smiley of Smileycolor, or Jan Morovic of HP will present commercial work on ink development, wide format printing including the printing of gloss, metallic and white inks as used in the packaging industry and in wallpaper printing.