Presentation at ‘The Skin of Things’ symposium

Presentation at “The Skin of Things” Symposium Published at – 28.11.2018 ApPEARS ITN presented in ‘The Skin of Things’ symposium at Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam by Aditya Sole. Social media post can be found here.

H2020 MSCA ITN Seminar

H2020 MSCA ITN Seminar Published at – 23.10.2018 Presentation at H2020 MSCA ITN Seminar. Presentation topic “Two new ITN projects (CHANGE & ApPEARS): How did this happen?” by Prof. Jon Yngve Hardeberg Social media post can be found here.

Presentation at NTNU Library

Presentation at NTNU Library Published at – 24.09.2018 Jon Yngve Hardeberg did a presentation at the NTNU library located in Gjøvik. In the presentation he explained the importance of research projects in the university community, external funding for researchers and building successfully trained researchers. ApPEARS ITN project was introduced. More information and video of […]