Advanced study of specular peaks of glossy surfaces

Host Institution: CNAM

Main Supervisor:

  • Gael Obein (CNAM)


  • Markus Barbieri (BAEL)
  • Philip John Green (NTNU)


The naturalness of a material is often acquired through its gloss. The main objective is to identify, based on a metrological study of the specular
reflection, the main difference between natural and artificial surfaces, though:

  • Collect a minimum of 15 representatives natural and artificial glossy surfaces selected according to a literature study and the production coming from the consortium.
  • Acquire the BRDF and the roughness of artifacts from:
    • Using a selected set of metrological set-up with the objective to achieve an angular resolution at least equivalent to the human visual system (<0.03°).
    • Exploit the data to develop new BRDF models that will render the complexity of the specular peak with the same resolution of the human visual system.
    • Develop a categorization based on results from (2) and (3) to understand the optical difference between natural and artificial materials.

ESR Recruited