Halftoning for appearance printing

Host Institution: LIU

Main Supervisor:

  • Sasan Gooran (LIU)


  • Daniel Nyström (LIU)
  • Nur Arad (STRAT)


Develop novel methods for structure-based halftoning, adaptively changing the halftone shape and dot size based on the image content and
structure, to better mimic a specific surface structure for realistic appearance printing.

  • Identify structures and patterns of images and surfaces that are connected to the appearance.
  • Develop structure-based halftoning models that incorporate image structures, to better mimic appearance of different surfaces and materials.
  • Adapt the halftoning model to the new inks and colour mixing used in 2.5D print production.
  • Extend the halftoning model to determining the optimal 3D dot placement, controlling both the colour properties, and the surface height variation in 2.5D appearance printing.

ESR Recruited