Realistic physical patient simulator for surgical training

Host Institution: UWE

Main Supervisor:

  • Carinna Parraman (UWE)


  • Jon Yngve Hardeberg (NTNU)
  • Kaida Xiao (LEEDS)


  • To work with Bristol Medical Simulation Centre (BMSC) and Stratasys to design, prototype and test a high-fidelity physical patient simulator for abdominal surgery.
  • To develop methods to create realistic 3D printed models that simulate the look and feel of human abdominal anatomy for use in simulated surgical training.
  • To apply appropriate qualitative and quantitative methods to evaluate the appearance and use of the physical simulator within surgical training scenarios, working in close collaboration with medical training specialists. The project will involve a unique creative combination of engineering and artistic (aesthetic) approaches facilitated through the involvement of experienced interdisciplinary research specialists in the project team.

ESR Recruited