ApPEARS Virtual Training Event

ApPEARS Virtual Training Event

Virtual events have been more normal than the physical ones this year, and the training events planned for ApPEARS in France and Germany, could not go ahead as planned either. However, instead of postponing it all to 2021, we offered our PhD fellows a series of presentations online.

A various of different topics were covered, Marc Himbert from CNAM presented a historical context of the evolution in the International system of units SI and on the consequences of the present definitions of the units. Gaël Obein from the same institution took us deeper in to the research question of how to measure gloss.

Roland Fleming from the University of Giessen presented the psychological approach to visual appearance, how the human visual system and the brain perceives the material appearance, throwing in a few philosophical questions as ‘what is material appearance?’

At the very end of the event, Jeppe Revall Frisvad from the Danish University of Technology, gave us an insight to microstructure control of material appearance, looking at the challenges of controlling the appearance of smaller parts of the 3D print’s surface.