Presentations during CIC 2021

ApPEARS presentations during Color and Imaging Conference 2021

Several ApPEARS Early Stage Researchers have presented their work during the online event Color and Imaging Conference 2021.

Both Tanzima Habib (image on top) and Abigail Trujillo held a 20 minutes presentation about their papers, while Donatela Saric and Ali Payami Golhin did a 2 minutes pitch before they presented their poster. The titles of their work is listed below and their papers will be listed on our website as soon as they are published.

Influence of Procedural Noise on the Glossiness of 2.5D Printed Materials, Abigail Trujillo1, Donatela Saric2, Susanne Klein1, and Carinna Parraman11Centre for Fine Print Research UWE (UK) and 2Fogra Research Institute for Media Technology (Germany).

Estimation of BRDF Measurements for Printed Colour Samples, Tanzima Habib, Phil Green, and Peter Nussbaum, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway).

Benchmarking Modern Gloss Correlators with Established ISO 2813 Standard and Visual Judgment of Gloss, Donatela Šarić1, Andreas Kraushaar2, Marco Mattuschka3, and Phil Green1; 1Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway), 2Fogra Research Institute for Media Technologies (Germany), and 3Vizoo 3D (Germany) 

The Influence of Wedge Angle, Feedstock Color, and Infill Density on the Color Difference of FDM Objects, Ali Payami Golhin, Are Strandlie, and Philip John Green, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway).