ApPEARS Closing Event

ApPEARS Closing Event

More than three years have passed since ApPEARS started, and the first Early Stage Researcher (ESR) has already submitted the thesis. Although the project has been extended until the end of 2023, we went through with the ApPEARS Closing Event as planned in September 2022, hosted where it all started, in Gjøvik, Norway.

Image: Elevated print from Canon

The Closing Event was a dissemination event as much as it was a training event. The main goals of the Event were to disseminate the project results to potential end users as well as preparing the ESRs on what comes next by starting to think of career opportunities in the industry or academia.

For disseminating the project results, two events were planned and the first was a visit to Canon Norway. Whereas Canon in Venlo(the Netherlands) is a partner organisation of ApPEARS, Canon Norway has also been an important cooperation partner to the ApPEARS coordinator NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

It was a natural place to visit when discussing research results. From the representative from Canon in Venlo, we learned about the value of being part of a project like ApPEARS, where he meets young, talented researchers that bring in new perspectives to their activities.

Image: Ruili He presenting her poster at Canon

After learning about Canon’s printing technology, the ApPEARS ESRs presented their research posters to Canon employees and some of their customers who visited to learn more about the newest research in the field.

The second main dissemination event was the ApPEARS Expo held at NTNU in Gjøvik, targeting the attendees of the Colour and Visual Computing Symposium (CVCS 2022). With more than 80 participants the ApPEARS Expo served as an excellent arena for interesting discussions about the projects of each of the PhD fellows present.

Life after PhD

As the ESRs are entering the fi nal stage of their work, several topics of the Closing Event were focusing on potential future careers. Through an Industry Day, the ESRs learned about research opportunity at diff erent companies like HP and Technicolor. For some ESRs, the thought of taking their technology to business might be intriguing, so the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Day hopefully provided both inspiration and tools for how to bring their idea into life. Vaager Innovation, a technology incubator, guided the participants through IP rules, design sprint, design thinking and financing opportunities.

Presumably, some ESRs will continue their journey in academia, and throughout two full days of research presentations, the CVCS 2022 facilitated for learning as well as networking possibilities. This year the symposium hosted more than 120 participants, over20 papers were presented, and four invited speakers gave excellent presentations of different topics in the field of colour science.

Image: The ApPEARS group in Oslo