ApPEARS presentations at London Imaging Meeting 2023

ApPEARS presentations at London Imaging Meeting 2023

There have been five research presentations from ApPEARS members at the London Imaging Meeting 2023 conference in London, UK.

Papers published and presented at LIM by ApPEARS members:

1. Naturalness perception of 2.5D prints: elevation and size of prints relation, Altynay Kadyrova and Marius Pedersen, NTNU (Norway); Stephen Westland, University of Leeds (UK); Clemens Weijkamp, Canon Production Printing Netherlands B.V. (the Netherlands); and Takahiko Horiuchi, Chiba University (Japan).

2. Multi-layer halftoning for poly-jet 3D printing, Fereshteh Abedini1, Raed Hlayhel2, Sasan Gooran1, Daniel Nyström1, and Aditya Suneel Sole2; 1Linköping University (Sweden) and 2NTNU (Norway).

3. A mathematical model for gloss prediction of 2D prints, Donatela Saric1,2, Andreas Kraushaar1, and Aditya Suneel Sole2; 1Fogra Research Institute for Media Technologies (Germany) and 2NTNU (Norway).

4. Advancing material appearance measurement: A cost-effective multispectral imaging system for capturing SVBRDF and BTF, Majid Ansari-Asl1, Markus Barbieri2, Gael Obein3, and Jon Yngve Hardeberg1; 1NTNU (Norway), 2Barbieri Electronic SNC (Italy), and 3CNAM (France).

5. Investigation on color characterization methods for 3D Printer, Ruili He, Kaida Xiao, Michael Pointer, University of Leeds (UK); Yoav Bressler, Stratasys Ltd. (Israel); and Qiang Liu, Wuhan University (China)

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