The international manufacturing industry is undergoing radical changes in the way items are digitally printed and fabricated. From the home to aerospace, the speed of change has had impacts on traditional methods of printing, and which has led to incomplete understanding of the design and reproduction workflow, for example accurate measurement of the optical and material properties, gloss, modelling and controlling printing systems beyond colour.

To provide a strategic response to the needs of the industry, the group Appearance Printing - European Advanced Research School (ApPEARS), is a robust European network that builds upon the extensive experience across the partners, and is at the forefront for leading an innovative training programme. It will facilitate the successful completion of high quality PhDs by a significant body of early stage researchers through collaborative supervisory and research training practices which encompass innovative cross-disciplinary methodologies.

ApPEARS will co-create student research projects with cross sector partners and develop career potential through a structured programme of training events and placement opportunities across Europe. Consequently, it will produce models of good practice for training and cross-disciplinary research that can be applied in the arts, science and technology fields.