Conservatoire national des arts et métiers
61 rue du Landy, La Plaine St Denis 93210, France

The Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers is a French public research and teaching institution with more than 100000 affiliated students, 350 researchers/teachers, 21 laboratories, (seven of them of excellence), one doctoral school that has awarded 360 doctorates. The staff involved in ApPEARS works in the LNE-CNAM (Laboratoire National de Métrologie et d’Essais) in the team “Metrology of Appearance”, based in Trappes, France. LNE-CNAM is a joint research laboratory between CNAM and the LNE responsible for research and traceability for 4 of the 7 SI units in the French metrological chain. LNE possesses extensive scientific and technical resources to meet requirements in a wide range of SI reference standards. The fields it covers are electricity and magnetism, dimension, mass and related quantities (pressure, force, torque, acoustics, accelerometry), amount of substance, radiometry-photometry, temperature and thermal quantities. The Laboratory relies on the expertise of almost 250 metrology engineers and technicians, with over one half of them involved in scientific and technological research activities.

LNE-CNAM has a large capacity of teaching facilities that will be available to the consortium during the training event that will be held in its walls. The team Metrology of Appearance has light booths devoted to psychophysical evaluation of visual attributes as gloss and color. It has also commercial instruments for optical characterization of materials as a photometer, a colorimeter and a glossmeter. The lab will share with the consortium prototype instruments designed for research application in the field of optical metrology, with a high level of accuracy. In particular, LNE-CNAM has a primary gonio-spectrometer for absolute BRDF measurement with the highest angular resolution. It has also a primary optical rough meter, and primary transmittance measurement facility that will be made available for ISR.

Dr.Gael Obein, Expertise: BRDF and psychophysical measurements.
Dr. Zaccaria Silvestry, Expertise: Chemical mechanical characterization surface.