ESR1 – Majid Ansari-Asl

Majid Ansari-Asl

Country of Origin: Iran
Host Institution: NTNU


Majid is a master's student in Color in Science and Industry(COSI) EMJMD program. He is currently doing his master's thesis on 3D-spectral imaging and data fusion in Norwegian Color and Visual Computing Laboratory at NTNU. Prior to COSI, he received a MSc degree in Electrical-Electronic engineering with a focus on color image processing. He also has a few years of hands on experience in programming high-tech signal processing systems. His current research interests include color science, color/spectral imaging, and 3D scanning.

Aspirations within projects:

Majid's aspiration within ApPEARS-ESR1 project is to integrate hardware and software in order to develop a system to measure total appearance attributes such as color, gloss, translucency and/or texture. Design and implementation of the measurement architectures, developing novel image-based methods for appearance attributes estimation, and evaluation test charts creation are parts of this work.

ESR1: Developing an appearance measurement system for 2.5D prints

Main Supervisor:



Develop an efficient measurement device for multi-dimensional (goniometric, spectral, geometric) measurement of material appearance
properties for objects printed using 2.5D/3D print techniques.

  • Define measurement-architectures for colour, gloss and texture measurements.
  • Define innovative translucency measurement and find simplified description parameter.
  • Define test charts for the different attributes.
  • Evaluate and specify the accuracy of the measurement values.

Ansari-Asl, M., M. Barbieri, G. Obein, J. Y. Hardeberg (2023) Advancing material appearance measurement: A cost-effective multispectral imaging system for capturing SVBRDF and BTF. London Imaging Meeting, 2023,  pp 104 – 108. Society for Imaging Science and Technology, 2023. Doi: 10.2352/lim.2023.4.1.25

Ansari-Asl, M., J. B. Thomas, J. Y. Hardeberg (2022) Camera response function assessment in multispectral HDR imaging. IS&T International Symposium on Electronic Imaging: Color Imaging: Displaying, Processing, Hardcopy, and Applications,  2022,  pp 141-1 – 141-6