ESR5 – Fereshteh Abedini

Fereshteh Abedini

Country of Origin: Iran
Host Institution: LIU


Fereshteh completed her bachelor of science from Shahed University, Iran; her thesis topic was Designing motion detector and control unit of automatic gates. Afterwards she pursued a master's of Science from Tehran Polytechnic; her thesis topic was Increasing reliability in measuring distance between nodes of mobile wireless sensor networks with IEEE standard 802.15.4.

Aspirations within projects:

Imagining herself as a member of an international team doing cutting-edge research in a field which I have put all my life in, She feel she is in cloud nine!

ESR5: Halftoning for appearance printing

Main Supervisor:



Develop novel methods for structure-based halftoning, adaptively changing the halftone shape and dot size based on the image content and
structure, to better mimic a specific surface structure for realistic appearance printing.

  • Identify structures and patterns of images and surfaces that are connected to the appearance.
  • Develop structure-based halftoning models that incorporate image structures, to better mimic appearance of different surfaces and materials.
  • Adapt the halftoning model to the new inks and colour mixing used in 2.5D print production.
  • Extend the halftoning model to determining the optimal 3D dot placement, controlling both the colour properties, and the surface height variation in 2.5D appearance printing.

Full PhD thesis

Abedini, F., R. Hlayhel, S. Gooran, D. Nyström, A. S. Sole, Multi-layer Halftoning for Poly-jet 3D Printing  in London Imaging Meeting,  2023,  pp 30 - 34,  Doi: 10.2352/lim.2023.4.1.08

Abedini, F., A. Trujillo, S. Gooran, S. Klein (2023). Effect of halftones on printing iridescent colors. Electronic Imaging. 35. 206-1. DOI: 10.2352/EI.2023.35.15.COLOR-206.

Abedini, F., S. Gooran (2022). Structure-Aware Color Halftoning with Adaptive Sharpness Control. In Journal of Imaging Science and Technology, pp 060404-1–060404-11, DOI: 10.2352/J.ImagingSci.Technol.2022.66.6.060404

Abedini, F., S. Gooran, D. Nyström (2021). The Effect of Halftoning on the Appearance of 3D Printed Surfaces. 47th Annual Conference of Iarigai. 2021.

Abedini, F., S. Gooran, V. Kitanovski, D. Nyström (2021). Structure-Aware Halftoning Using the Iterative Method Controlling the Dot Placement. Journal of Imaging Science and Technology 65(6): 060404-1–060404-14, 2021

Abedini, F., S. Gooran, D. Nyström (2020): 3D Halftoning based on Iterative Method Controlling Dot Placement. Society for Imaging Science and Technology, 2020. Printing for Fabrication 2020. DOI:

Trujillo-Vazquez, A.; Abedini, F.; Pranovich, A.; Parraman, C.; Klein, S. (2023) Printing with tonalli: Reproducing Featherwork from Precolonial Mexico Using Structural ColorantsColorants 20232, 632-653. Doi: 10.3390/colorants2040033

Gooran, S., F. Abedini (2020): 3D Surface Structures and 3D Halftoning. Society for Imaging Science and Technology, 2020. Printing for Fabrication 2020. DOI:

Gooran, S., F. Abedini (2022). Three-Dimensional Adaptive Digital Halftoning. In Journal of Imaging Science and Technology,  pp 060403-1–060403-12,  DOI:  10.2352/J.ImagingSci.Technol.2022.66.6.060403

Tonello, R., F. Abedini, D. Bue Pedersen, and J. Revall Frisvad (2022). Fast Impression Painting Using Multi-color Fused Deposition Modeling with a Diamond Hotend.