ESR5 – Fereshteh Abedini

Fereshteh Abedini

Country of Origin: Iran
Host Institution: LIU


Fereshteh completed her bachelor of science from Shahed University, Iran; her thesis topic was Designing motion detector and control unit of automatic gates. Afterwards she pursued a master's of Science from Tehran Polytechnic; her thesis topic was Increasing reliability in measuring distance between nodes of mobile wireless sensor networks with IEEE standard 802.15.4.

Aspirations within projects:

Imagining herself as a member of an international team doing cutting-edge research in a field which I have put all my life in, She feel she is in cloud nine!

ESR5: Halftoning for appearance printing

Main Supervisor:



Develop novel methods for structure-based halftoning, adaptively changing the halftone shape and dot size based on the image content and
structure, to better mimic a specific surface structure for realistic appearance printing.

  • Identify structures and patterns of images and surfaces that are connected to the appearance.
  • Develop structure-based halftoning models that incorporate image structures, to better mimic appearance of different surfaces and materials.
  • Adapt the halftoning model to the new inks and colour mixing used in 2.5D print production.
  • Extend the halftoning model to determining the optimal 3D dot placement, controlling both the colour properties, and the surface height variation in 2.5D appearance printing.

Gooran, S., F. Abedini (2020): 3D Surface Structures and 3D Halftoning. Society for Imaging Science and Technology, 2020. Printing for Fabrication 2020. DOI:

Abedini, F., S. Gooran, D. Nyström (2020): 3D Halftoning based on Iterative Method Controlling Dot Placement. Society for Imaging Science and Technology, 2020. Printing for Fabrication 2020. DOI: