Jon Yngve Hardeberg
Image quality, colour science, spectral imaging

Marius Pedersen
Image quality, colour science, spectral imaging

Philip John Green
Colour management, colour appearance and colorimetry

Are Strandlie
Material physics, pattern recognition

Daniel Nyström
Image reproduction, color science

Sasan Gooran
Color science, color reproduction

Stephen Westland
Colour science and imaging, colour in design

Kaida Xiao
3D Colour image reproduction, 3D colour printing

Jeppe Revall Frisvad
Material appearance, rendering, light scattering
Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

David Bue Pedersen
Additive manufacturing
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Carinna Parraman
Colour printing, photo-mechanical print processes

Philipp Urban
Appearance Reproduction, 3D Printing Systems

Gael Obein
Metrology at high level of uncertainty, Bi-directional reflectance/transmittance measurement

Arjan Kuijper
Interactive Graphics Systems Group