Host Institution: DTU Main Supervisor: Jeppe Revall Frisvad (DTU) Co-Supervisor(s): Are Strandlie (NTNU) David Bue Pedersen (DTU) Kristian Martinsen (NTNU) Objectives Combine knowledge of material reflectance, optics, and industrial post-print surface processing to develop a series of novel surface types for use in industrial and artistic applications. Identify array of desired surface types, taking into consideration […]


Host Institution: NTNU Main Supervisor: Are Strandlie (NTNU) Co-Supervisor(s): David Bue Pedersen (DTU) Kristian Martinsen (NTNU) Objectives The ESR will combine knowledge from material science and optical science in a novel approach of correlating parameters of surface structuring with optical properties. Prepare micro- and nano-structured surfaces by additive manufacturing technologies, photo-lithography and chemical synthesis. Investigate optical […]


Objectives Design and evaluate content-creation environments for applications involving capabilities to reproduce material appearance aspects such as gloss and texture. Propose case studies to evaluate the feasibility and field of application of distinct material appearance reproduction technologies (2.5D/relief, 3D and vector/special inks/material printers). Explore current market trends and develop strategies to propose new ones. Apply […]


Host Institution: UWE Main Supervisor: Carinna Parraman (UWE) Co-Supervisor(s): Jon Yngve Hardeberg (NTNU) Kaida Xiao (LEEDS) Objectives To work with Bristol Medical Simulation Centre (BMSC) and Stratasys to design, prototype and test a high-fidelity physical patient simulator for abdominal surgery. To develop methods to create realistic 3D printed models that simulate the look and feel of […]


Host Institution: NTNU Main Supervisor: Philip John Green (NTNU) Co-Supervisor(s): Markus Barbieri (BAEL) Daniel Nyström (LIU) Peter Nussbaum (NTNU) Objectives Identify the requirements for a 2.5D colour reproduction system based on iccMAX colour management technology, and implement a framework. Develop and evaluate advanced methods for predicting the appearance of 2.5D output media which integrate into projected […]


Objectives: Design a methodology to test current data workflows and material representations for different material reproduction applications. Develop a common ground/space of material representations for printers. Propose a workflow for the representation of distinct material aspects and data exchange. Apply — Deadline: 15.12.2019


Host Institution: FHG          PhD Enrollment: NTNU Main Supervisor: Philipp Urban (FHG) Co-Supervisor(s): Philip John Green (NTNU) Arjan Kuijper (TUDA) Objectives Specifying the gonio-chromatic gamut by a generalized gamut boundary descriptor allowing quick access to gamut boundaries. Developing new methodologies to reproduce gonio-chromatic material properties subject to device limits with minimal visual disagreement […]


Host Institution: NTNU Main Supervisor: Jon Yngve Hardeberg (NTNU) Co-Supervisor(s): Yoav Bressler (STRAT) Philipp Urban (FHG) Jean-Baptiste Thomas (NTNU) Objectives Combine knowledge from computer graphics, vision, and imaging to define new methods for providing accurate visual previews of 2.5D and 3D printed material appearance. Identify major physical and perceptual attributes that correlate to the visual appearance […]


Host Institution: LEEDS Main Supervisor: Kaida Xiao (LEEDS) Co-Supervisor(s): Gael Obein (CNAM) Stephen Westland (LEEDS) Objectives Quantify factors affecting the appearance of facial skin under natural viewing conditions. Reproduce accurate high-fidelity skin prosthetics using 3D printing. Develop a perceptual skin appearance metric predicting the similarity between natural and manufactured skin in different lighting conditions. ESR Recruited