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ApPEARS represented at the online London Imaging Meeting 2020

Join the online London Imaging Meeting (LIM2020) to hear Jon Hardeberg’s (NTNU) talk on Imaging the visible beyond RGB and Philipp Urban’s (FHG) talk on Graphical 3D Printing: Challenges, Solutions and Applications.

UWE Bristol project to create lifelike organ simulators using 3D printing

At the University of Western England, the ApPEARS fellow Marine Shao is working on how to create lifelike organ simulators using 3D printing.

CIE online tutorials on Colorimetry and Visual Appearance

ApPEARS consortium is represented at the CIE online tutorials on Colorimetry and Visual Appearance. Read more here.

Training Event 2: Germany

The training event 2 planned in September is postponed to 2021 due to the Covid-19 situation. More information will follow.

NRK program interview

Appearance and interview at NRK. (See more)

Training Event 1: Norway

10-21 February 2020

All project members from ApPEARS will attend the training event hosted at NTNU Gjøvik, Norway. Program will include visit to different institutions and lectures.

Poster presentation at the GDR-APPAMAT workshop

Conference lecture — 21 October 2019

Riccardo Tonello (ESR 15) presented his current work at the GDR-APPAMAT workshop in the 27th Color Imaging Conference 2019, Paris, France.

See more.


A week of Colour in Paris! CIC 2019

Events — 21-25 October 2019

Many ESRs from ApPEARS & CHANGE will attend the 27th Colour and Imaging Conference to be held in Paris this October 21-25.

More information on the conference can be found here.

Attendance at Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions MSCA 2019 conference

Project Manager of the ApPEARS and the CHANGE project, Anneli Torsbakken Østlien, was present at the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions MSCA 2019 conference, learning about the opportunities and challenges the actions provides. (See more)

ApPEARS Kickoff Meeting 2019

ApPEARS Kickoff Meeting 2019, event held at NTNU i Gjøvik April 4th and 5th. During this first meeting, project partners discussed the work plan and research topics that will be carried out in the next four years (2019- 2023) (See more)

CCWI Chiba University Attendance

ApPEARS ITN project members and colleagues were present at Chiba University, Japan at CCIW (Computational Color Imaging Workshop 2019) on its 7th Edition. (See more)

ITN Coordinators day 2018

Assistance at ITN Coordinators day 2018, event held at Brussels. More information about the event and presentations.(See more)

'The Skin of Things' 2018 presentation

Presentation of ApPEARS ITN projects by Aditya Sole at 'The Skin of Things' Symposium. (See more)

H2020 MSCA ITN Seminar

Presentation at H2020 MSCA ITN Seminar. Presentation topic "Two new ITN projects (CHANGE & ApPEARS): How did this happen?" by Prof. Jon Yngve Hardeberg. (See more)

Presentation at NTNU Library

Jon Yngve Hardeberg did a presentation at the NTNU library located in Gjøvik. In the presentation he explained the importance of research projects in the university community, external funding for researchers and building successfully trained researchers. CHANGE ITN project was introduced. (See more)

NRK Radio Interview

Interview at NRK Radio. (See more)

NRK program interview

Appearance and interview at NRK (min 2:40-3:45). (See more)

Story at

Using advanced imaging technology and 3D printing, the Color Lab at NTNU in Gjøvik will ensure our art and cultural heritage. This is possible because the institution has received NOK 80 million for two EU projects. (See more)