ApPEARS Training Events

ApPEARS Training Events

ApPEARS will provide a training programme for young researchers, through intensive cross disciplinary training in scientific, technical, entrepreneurship, innovation, transferable and communication skills, across three categories: Network-wide Training, Local Training and External Training.

The training through research and network training events will be complemented (to achieve the necessary ECTS, when applicable) by local training, defined in each ESR Personal Career Development Plans and approved by the supervisors and Supervisory Board. We aim to train a new generation of scientists with awareness of gender aspects (social and cultural) on the design and output of research. Emphasis will be given on training female scientists to become scientific leaders, and on ethical consideration of gender neutral management.

Lead: NTNU                    

10 - 21 February 2020 - Gjøvik, Norway

Scientific focus: Imaging and Quality ─ from colour to appearance.

  • Scientific Workshops/Courses: Colour imaging and image quality; Material Science; Vision Science.
  • Transferable skills focus: SB meeting, public engagement, networking, industry visits, ethics in research, project management/tools.

Lead: BAELFHG                    Aim: Training School.

Scientific focus: Material appearance and reproduction workflow.

  • Scientific Workshops/Courses: Appearance capture and reproduction workflow.
  • Transferable skills focus: Scientific communication (writing, presentation), industry engagement, presentation of PhD/PCDP.

Lead: OCE / CNAM                   Aim: Training School.

Scientific focus: SB4 meeting, Metrology for appearance (workshops, lectures, demonstrations).

  • Scientific Workshops/Courses: Appearance metrology; 2.5D and 3D printing techniques and hands-on.
  • Transferable skills focus: Standardization issues, industry engagement and case studies.

Lead: 3DLP / OCE / UWE                  Aim: Training School.

Scientific focus: 2.5D/3D printing innovation and applications (workshops, courses, demonstrations).

  • Scientific Workshops/Courses: Practical training in 3D printing and 2.5D texture printing.
  • Transferable skills focus: Business and innovation, professional development (communication; project management, writing research grants, entrepreneurship & spin off creation), networking with invited speakers.

Lead: NTNU                 Aim: Closing conference/Public event.

Scientific focus: Scientific/industrial international networking, public engagement.