Transferable Skills

Transferable skills

These transferable courses will maximize the exposure of ESRs to the private sector, enhancing their employability. In this context and linked to SB7, we will also further brainstorm ensuring the future of the network

The aim of this course is to provide the students with advanced knowledge on:

  • Research ethics.
  • Project management in research.
  • Research tools including Matlab, literature search, etc.

in the context of RRI (responsible research and innovation).

The aim will equip ESRs with skills to:

  • (In an early stage of their PhD research) Prepare publications and present their work at conferences according to scientific standards.
  • Identify the key aspects of making scientific and technical writing effective;
  • understand what referees expect to see in good journals;
  • Know how to respond to referrers comments;
  • How to prepare the presentation and give a good scientific talk.

The ESRs will learn to write language effectively to present scientific data and high level ideas appropriate for scientific publishing and conferences

  • Presentations by ESRs on the research and training undertaken till date.
  • ESRs will work on case studies to review current industrial practicesfrom the perspective of measurement uncertainty, measurement procedures and equipment.

It will provide practical, professional and complementary training and workshops that will help researchers to effectively manage their PhD, to improve communication skills, to maximize their skills and to develop strategies for improving their potential in the workplace after research. The focus will be on the individual researchers, and so researchers will be expected to work in small groups with preparatory work or creative contributions. They will contribute to brainstorming and engage with other researchers in solving problems. This training will cover areas such as Strategies for Successful Researchers; The Art & Science of Communication; Advanced Project Management (animation, organisation, reporting, decision making/ conflict resolution); Measuring Progress, The Digital Researcher - Future Directions; Writing Up Your Thesis; Data Management best practice; How to Write & Win Research Grants; Entrepreneurship & Spin off Creation.

ESRs will give joint presentations on possible applications of their work done till date. Round-table discussions will be arranged to investigate problems, risks, pit-falls and procedures within industrial R&D and the bringing of innovations to the market as a mean to practically boost entrepreneurship of the ESRs. They will also actively participate in the organization of the meeting and their performance in the
industrial environment will be evaluated by the connected SB7 meeting.